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What if I told you, I could take you from completely clueless Crypto Noob to PROFITABLE NFT flipper in a single afternoon? ⏱️

I’m talking about earning ROIs 📈 that would make veteran crypto traders GREEN with envy 🤢 …


OK, so here’s the deal:

You’re starting to see everyone around you on social media making STOOOPID money 🤑 flipping NFTs…

...and you’re stuck on the sidelines wondering how tf they figured this insane world of NFTs out so FAST 🤷‍♂️…

...and, more importantly, how tf you can start making those ‘SICK GAINZ’ too? 🧐



Here’s the problem:

Ain’t nobody got time for a 90-day full immersion course into crypto…

You’ve got a life to lead and probably a business to run too…

So, you’re likely thinking to yourself…

Can’t somebody just help me get my hands on the hottest NFTs (on ALL THE MAJOR PLATFORMS) right now and flip ‘em for cash FAST?!


Or teach me which NFTs are the best to hold for passive royalties-based income?


...because every time you try to dive into this world, it’s confusing AF, and you feel like you need a PhD in technology and economics to figure it all out.

I mean, really…


Isn’t there someone who can take you by the hand and guide you as to how to use all the different exchanges, platforms, coins, wallets, and help you avoid the eye-watering fees you’ve heard about…


Thing is…

There is actually someone who can.

There’s an entire small group of us actually waiting to help you get up and running and sniping NFTs - across all the major platforms - for insane profits...

… it’s just that you probably haven’t heard about us yet...




a) Because our group is relatively new, and

b) We’ve been busy making a LOT of money ourselves and haven’t wanted to give away our biggest secrets just yet… 


I mean… 


💥 With ROIs of 207x inside of less than 24 hours….

💥 And ROIs of 5722x inside of 30 days…


Why would we?


We’ve been secretly laughing all the way to the bank… without telling anyone… 


Welp, not anymore 🛑

We've decided to open the doors to our private Sat Stacker Mastermind and pull back the curtain on the secret methods that our small group (and several others) are using to generate STOOOOPID gainz inside of very small time frames 📈


And I’d personally LOVE to show you how to do this for yourself, inside just one afternoon ⌛

Because here’s the thing…

If you don’t take me up on this offer…

You’re gonna keep scrolling your social media feed getting more and more frustrated by the minute…

Every time you see some a-hole (who is honestly, way less intelligent than you are) post about his “sick NFT gainz, bruh.” 🤮


Believe me… the feeling of playing small and watching everyone else profiting to the tune of thousands of dollars a day without you… SUCKS.

Been there, done that. Hated it.😡

Or worse…

You’ll get preyed upon… some douchey marketing guru turned ‘NFT bro’ who will offer to teach you a 2-hr “masterclass” with ZERO implementation support for the low, low price of $696969, because, “memes, bruh”

Lol. Please.🙅‍♂️

Save yourself from their condescension.

And do yourself the favor of joining a real community of people who actually give a 🐀 rat’s backside about you and your success in this game. 🏆

Just ask some of our Mastermind members who’ve stayed with us this entire year. 

(Yep, our community’s churn rate is one of the LOWEST in the industry).


Because we actually CARE about you and we are COMMITTED to your RESULTS.

The Sat Stacker Mastermind is a FAMILY and we don’t leave family members behind. Period. 

But whatever you do…

Don’t sleep on this opportunity… 🛌🏼

....and then circle back 6 months 📆 from now, bitter AF that you let this life-changing afternoon that I am offering you slip through your fingers. 


And I get it… 

I’m making some pretty big claims… and you’re skeptical…



You should be.

That’s why I’ve included screenshots from inside our Sat Stacker Mastermind below (or from private DMs I’ve received from Members)... that you can see for yourself that I’m not just blowing smoke up your a$$.

429x ROI
Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 11.16.08 AM
Almost a 4x overnight

With our simple “NFT Passive Income Sniping methods” it only takes a half day (or less) to learn and start making profits.

Best part?

If you WANT to dive in deeper, go further and learn EVERYTHING there is to know about NFTs, we’ve got you covered for MONTHS' worth of training and deep dive content for the EXACT same price. 🙌


How you decide to earn money with NFTs is totally up to you…

👉 Sniper-style: Learn and start earning ASAP, or

👉 Scuba-style: dive deep and learn ALL THE THINGS first and then go bananas.

Or do both?

The choice is YOURS.

Either way, with our 🔫 Sniper-method, you could literally be earning within a matter of hours... 


700k gain in month
header wording
Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 11.36.48 AM

If you’ve got a mobile phone 📱 and a few hours to learn the ropes, you’re totally good to get started. 


So, you can save your “I’m too busy, I don’t have enough time for this” spiel 😉 


If you’re too busy to take a few hours to learn how to flip & collect NFTs for ridiculous profit from your cell phone… then I literally don’t know how to help you and you should probably stop reading this page right now. 🛑


Anyhow, this is getting long...


So, I’ll end this with a question:


What are the next 2 weeks gonna look like for you? 🤔


You, on your phone, 10x-ing your money with a few clicks?

Or… you still gonna be scrolling your feed, feeling salty cuz you haven’t jumped on the NFT profit-train yet? 😡

Choice is yours. 🤷‍♂️

A couple of hours is all it takes.

Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 8.40.20 PM
Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 7.53.39 AM
Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 7.16.09 AM

Btw you’re gonna freak out when you see the price. 👀

Let’s just say, it ain’t $696969 for the “meme lulz”… 😉


Our Mastermind costs the same as your daily Starbucks for 24/7/365 support, guidance, investing alpha, and a mastermind community that we guarantee will be the first place you'll wanna visit online in the morning when you wake up and the last place you'll wanna check in at night before your head hits the pillow! 🛌🏼


🏆 THAT's how much quality we've packed into this Mastermind for you! 🏆


If this sounds like the life you want…

Buying NFTs for peanuts and either holding them for recurring passive income or flipping them for ridiculous cash paydays from your mobile phone…

At the beach…🏖️
At the gym…💪
At the park with your kids...🚸


Literally making money from your phone, while you just live your life and no longer worry about working SO. DAMN. HARD. to make ends meet anymore…


Then go ahead and click the “Let’s Do This!” button below.

A whole new future awaits you on the other side.  


👉 Our Promise  


We can take you from completely clueless Crypto noob to profitable NFT flipper in one afternoon.

👉 Our Community highly active and includes learners of all backgrounds from complete noobs to crypto/NFT experts, who’ve simply joined for the community and shared knowledge base.


👉 Our Process 


This Mastermind features pick-and-choose buffet-style training with tons of live support, meaning that we train on several different passive income strategies in Crypto, but you, by all means, don't need to employ all of them. 


Simply pick and choose those that fit your investment personality and discard those that don't.

We’ll support you on whichever strategies you choose for you. 


You need no experience at all. Instructions & support will be provided for everything.


And since you’re interested specifically in flipping NFTs, the minute you join, we’ll point you towards our specific "NFT Sniper Style" trainings to get you up and running in that direction ASAP. 


👉 Your Path 


Our Members Area includes:


💥 Basic Intro to Crypto (for complete noobs 😉 )


💥 Intermediate Level Training on Altcoins and NFTs


💥 Advanced Training on generating significant passive income in crypto via layers of several passive income strategies together into a “Passive Crypto Income Flywheel” of sorts.

💥 Several Masterclasses on loads of related topics, like:

- investing in NFTs for Passive Income,
- reducing crypto taxes,
- offshoring your wealth,
- protecting your financial privacy,
- setting up a lucrative “Bitcoin vending” side gig,
- NFT flipping
- and much more! 

👉 Your Provisions

💥 Constantly updated Members Area,

💥 24/7/365 Support via our insanely helpful community of Experts & Noobs alike, 


💥 a family-like atmosphere of support and a “we all win together” culture and mentality, 

💥 loads of unannounced bonuses and masterclasses!

👉 Time Commitment:

As stated above, you can be up and flipping NFTs across all major platforms in a half day with our Sniper-method if you’d like to.

Or if you’re more a “dive-in and learn all the things first” type… 

We’ve got a Members Area where you can learn ALL THE THINGS to your heart’s delight prior to jumping in.

Totally up to you.  

👉 Investment:

If this interests you and you'd like to be a part of one of the SMARTEST and MOST SUPPORTIVE communities in Crypto & NFTs, then we'd LOVE to have you on board!

The Mastermind is $200/month (USD) and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

But you’ll need to act FAST to lock in this price…

Since our recent launch, we’re closing in on 250 Members and the minute we hit that milestone, the investment will increase to $250/month (USD)...

So, if this sounds like something you’d like to learn and be a part of, DO NOT DELAY as once we hit 250 members, you’ll never see the low price of $200/month ever again…


Now, there are no refunds for the Sat Stacker Mastermind.


But you are free to cancel anytime.


All you have to do is shoot us an email saying you want to cancel and you will never be charged again.


If you do decide to cancel though, you will be removed from the FB group and Members Area (and will no longer have access to any future content from us)...


And this is the important part:


If you cancel you will not be allowed to resubscribe again at any point in the future.


We only want serious players in this group and this is one of many measures we're taking to ensure the quality of the group remains as high as possible.


If that's not your cup of tea, no worries.


But this is a strict policy and there will not be any exceptions, so don't say I didn't warn ya.

With that said…

What the heck are you still doing down here reading?

Click the “Let’s Do This!” Button 👆👆👆 and get to changing your life…


Or if you can’t be bothered to invest a few hours and $200 to completely change your financial future and that of your family…


...then, I hate to say it, but this definitely ain’t for you 🤷‍♂️

Last chance.


Let’s start Collecting & Flipping NFTs for Profit ASAP 👇👇👇 or this is where we part ways forever 💔


I know what I'd do if I were you...

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