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What If I Told You, You Can Gain An Almost Unfair Advantage In Crypto, Be the First to Know About New Projects, and Position Yourself for Insane Profits During the Next Bullrun?! 🤯

What If I Told You, You Can Gain An Almost Unfair Advantage In Crypto, Be the First to Know About New Projects, and Position Yourself for Insane Profits During the Next Bullrun?! 🤯

Here’s How the Most Profitable Guys (and Gals) In Crypto Practically Make It Rain Money By Getting Into Projects Before 99.9% of People Ever Hear About Them…And How Now, You Can Too!

Here’s How the Most Profitable Guys (and Gals) In Crypto Practically Make It Rain Money By Getting Into Projects Before 99.9% of People Ever Hear About Them…And How Now, You Can Too!


This is important, so I’ll jump straight to the point:


If you want to be ready for the next bull run and set yourself up for massive profits while everyone else is running for the hills (and losing their shirt) right now, then this is going to be the most important message you read all day.


Here’s why….


If you were around in the early days of crypto, you know that basically anyone could 100x their money just by throwing a dart at a random coin. 🥴


In 2009, when Bitcoin was first established you could spend your lunch money and buy a whole coin. Fast forward to today, and even in a bleeding bear market you could sell that same bitcoin for more than $20K.  (Imagine if you spent a whole month’s worth of lunch money!) 🤯🤯


Sure, the market was still volatile back then.  There were (and still are) huge swings in the market.  Timing your entry and exit accurately determined how much money you made, how much you lost, and how much you left on the table.


But if you played your cards right, patiently waited for the right time, and bought the dip to ride all the way to the top, you had a very good chance at making life-changing money.


The problem is, even if you are a smart investor with the perfect timing, those opportunities are far less likely today.


Most of the coins that you can buy on Coinbase have already seen their hayday.  The 10-100x is already over.


And even if you do think you’ve discovered the next big project from Random CryptoBro that’s gonna “go to the moon!  Trust me!!!”...there are so many rugpulls and scams out there….how do you really know who to trust?



The crypto whales who are making hand over fist on up and coming projects, the ones that still have that crazy, life-altering potential, have an advantage that the small shrimp and crabs just don’t normally have.



They invest tens of thousands of dollars to be part of these “secret societies” where the crypto devs and influencers themselves hang out and reveal their next projects well before they launch, giving them the opportunity to be in the know light years before the public ever even hears about it.



These creators have a proven track record of past successful projects.  They aren’t your fly-by-night launches with the intent to pull the rug and run away, laughing with your money.



It’s a classic story of “the rich get richer”.  And to be honest, when I found out about these secret societies, it kinda pissed me off.



I mean, when does the little guy get his chance at using this new form of currency to make more money, quit his life-sucking job, and finally spend more time with his family, doing what he loves?



Why are all the opportunities to discover these secrets available only to those who have ridiculously deep pockets?



I knew there had to be a way to get this opportunity into the hands of the Average Joe so I got to thinking…



What if I gathered together a group of crypto enthusiasts who deep in their hearts believed in the potential for wealth to exchange hands and be distributed more fairly amongst anyone who really wanted it….Who desperately wanted to have that first-movers advantage but was tired of barely hearing about a project once it was at all-time highs, long after the whales were already invested and profiting.



And what if together we made what was otherwise out of reach, tangible?



So, I got to work, assembled a group of crypto fanatics (like me) and networkers who saw the vision and possibilities that this idea created.



We put our brains, braun, and connections together and BAM!....We created the Sat Stacker Inner Circle!

I’d like to introduce you to 
The Sat Stacker 
Inner Circle

The Sat Stacker Inner Circle is the place to go for access to not one, not two, but multiple “insider’s” networks that provide you with privileges like the option to generate passive money with early access to NFTs, games, and other brand new launches that the general public are completely unaware of yet.


And it’s really so much more than just a first-mover's advantage (although, if you ask me, I think that’s value enough….but allow me to go on….)

The Inner Circle will also provide you with leadership training, top security practices to keep your investments safe and sound, and a community of other crypto minds to ongoingly support and educate each other 🙌🙌🙌


Making money in crypto shouldn’t be difficult.  (And it isn't if you know which projects are legit and which ones aren't!)

Massive wealth creation shouldn’t only be available for whales who are already filthy rich.


You deserve to have the same advantages that big-money investors have.


You deserve to have a life you love.


You deserve to create passive income and actually enjoy the money you earn.

The goal for the Sat Stacker Inner Circle is to provide you with a vehicle and resources to make your vision of success in crypto a reality.

Imagine a life where you’re basically spoon-fed amazing opportunities before they actually launch, giving you and your crypto portfolio the edge over everyone else.


What would you be able to do with all the time that you’re currently spending watching YouTube videos and guessing who’s legit and who’s being paid to shill the next shitcoin?


How would it feel to surround yourself with like-minded folks who strongly believe in the future of crypto to ask questions and just have someone to talk with?

How would you like to have access to developers with a proven track record for success? 

And how would you like to know what they’re up to, when they’re up to it?

Here’s What Life Looks Like As a Member of The Sat Stacker Inner Circle:

  • ✅ Entry into a wide network of successful developers so that you can pick and choose which projects you’d like to participate in without missing out on opportunities.
  • ✅ Access to Big Name experts like Neo Tokyo, Forex Shark, and Wolf Den with proven track records and their up and coming projects so that you can finally start making the money you know is possible in crypto.(Forex Shark's worst performing project had a 40x return!)
  • ✅ Part of a tight-knit group of crypto fans who all understand and support each other so that you never feel alone on this journey.

  • ✅ Top-notch protection advice for your profits so that you get to keep what you make and not be the next crypto scam victim.


This Sounds Really Great…How Much Does This Cost?

You’re probably wondering by now how much the thing that is at the top of everyone's mind - how much is this going to cost me?


I mean, access to just one of these circles can cost anywhere from $24,000 upwards of $40,000.


And you’re getting entry into several all at once.


Honestly, the Sat Stacker team had A LOT of back and forth about what price point to charge.


On one hand we know the insane value of having access to these opportunities and communities.


It takes a huge investment of time, resources, and money to make this workable.


I know off-hand at least two other “inner circles” that provide a fraction of this value for 4 times the price!


But we also wanted to make this an affordable opportunity for anyone who really wanted it.


When we launch, the price will definitely be a minimum of $7,500 and likely much more.


But we decided to go all in for anyone who joins the pre-launch (if you’re reading this page, that’s you!) and offer it to you for just $4,995.

Here’s why you need to join right now


At the time of writing this letter, we are in a very bear market


Most people are scared shitless, completely clueless and either selling at a massive loss, or losing sleep and hair because they're afraid that all their money is forever gone.


But smart investors are licking their chops and setting aside every penny they have because they know this is the time when fortunes are made. This is how the smart money has always moved no matter what the industry.

Prices are suuuuuper low right now.  It’s like buying your favorite power tool or Louis Vuitton for pennies on the dollar!

Who knows how long this bear market will last?

I sure don’t.


But what I do know is that you want to take full advantage of everything that is on sale now so that you can set myself up to make a fortune when the bulls are back.


Are you with me?

If you're sitting on the fence, I wouldn't recommend sitting there for long.

Once 10 new members join, we are closing the doors, and I'm not quite sure when we will open them again.

What I am quite sure of is that the price will increase by at least 30%, and you won't get grandfathered in to our special pre-launch price of just $4,995.


Listen, you can decide you’re going to wait and see how everyone else does first. That’s fine.


But how many times have you jumped in when you finally felt the time was right just for it to be racing near the highs and those who got in waaaaay back sell at massive profits?


Once you pass on this, you pass on the one-time only price, but most importantly, you pass on the chance to maximize your potential during the next bull run.


Fortune favors the bold.


To get different results, you have to do something differently. Let this be that something.

© Copyright 2022 Sat Stacker Mastermind | All rights reserved | Privacy Policy

© Copyright 2022 Sat Stacker Mastermind | All rights reserved | Privacy Policy

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